SimpliRoute calculated your routes and displayed you the result, now you are in Step 3. Excellent! You can check the results and do the changes you want. We are going to focus in this section on what SimpliRoute has produced in detail.

The map

The map is your firstroute preview. You will see in distinct colors each one of your vehicles with the visit order they have to follow starting from the warehouse.

In grey you will see the unassigned visits. They are points which could not be assigned to any route. This can occur for several reasons, either because the vehicle loads were not sufficient or because it is not possible to visit these clients during the time windows you entered or because the vehicles with the needed skills are not available or because of a mix of all the previous reasons. Do not worry, you can move manually these orders to any route or decide what to do with them.

The indicators

In the upper part of the screen you will see indicators summarizing the routes you just finished to create. The indicators show you:

  • Used vehicles: it shows you how many vehicles you are using and which percentage of your fleet total it represents.

  • Created routes: it indicates the created route quantity. SimpliRoute allows vehicles to do more than one route a day, if there is enough time, so that you could have more routes than vehicles. More information in the Example: routes with several trips article.

  • Average load: it indicates the average load delivered for all the routes. ADVANCED: if you click on the average load arrow on the right, you can see the average load statistic for Loads 2 and 3.

  • Average time: average time of the vehicles in the street.

The list

On the left side is the list with the detail of each route.

We will respectively talk about the buttons Edit and Redo routes in the next Route edition (part 1) and (part 2) articles.

In the list you will see the detail of what each vehicle's route, how many visits there is into each route and how much loaded is each truck regarding its maximum capacity.

You can turn out or on the routes thanks to their respective color so as to see them or not on the map. You can also delete routes with the dustbin icon. All the deleted visits into a route will go to the Unassigned visits list.

In Unassigned visits you will see the visits apart from the routes, it means the sames than the grey ones on the map. Do not forget to check this list before confirming your routes giving that everything in this list will not be assigned to any conductor.

If you click on any route, you will see the detail of each vehicle's addresses and in which order they will be visited. You can see the approximate hour when will arrive each vehicle to each place in addition to the general statistics of how much load is transporting the vehicle and how long it will be in the street.

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