Once you have assigned your routes, your plans will remain stocked up into your account. You can actualise at any time your plans if you want to make changes such as changing conductors, cancel visits, eliminate routes or adding new routes.

To access the Plan edition menu, look at the Step 1 of Initial information and click on Load older plans.

You will see the plan list you created and you will be able to delete any of them. To delete a plan, click on the dustbin icon. Deleting is irreversible. Deleting a plan while make disappear from the routes on your conductors' cellphones and from the tracking module.

Click on any plan to edit it.

Into each plan you will see the summary list you saw at first time you created the plan and you will be able to quickly make some changes.

  • You can modify the conductors of each vehicle.

  • You can change the plan date. If these routes were not for today but for tomorrow, you can modify the date. To do this, change the starting date and the end date for tomorrow.

ADVANCED: SimpliRoute allows to have recurring plans. A recurring plan is a route combination that is repeating everyday from a starting date to an end date. A recurring plan also has a day of Beginning of week. Bellow the mobility of recurring plans, your conductors will see your routes everyday on their cellphones. The visits you do a day of the week will keep being marked in the application for the next day. When arrives the day of beginning of the week, the visits will reset and will appear again for the empty week.

For example, if you create a recurring plan from Monday to Sunday whose date of the beginning of the week would be Wednesday, the deliveryman will see Thursday on their application, on Wednesday they will see all what they marked for Monday, and on Tuesday and on Thursday they will already have their application reseted so as to begin working again.

You have to click on Save so that these changes are activated.

Additionally, you can Download your plan in Excel format if you did not do it before.

ADVANCED: if you make changes for the downloaded file and click on Import visits, you will be able to make a lot of changes for you plan. All the fields from the Title to the Contact phone are modifiable under this method. Take into account that these editions you do in this window are only informative for the conductor. They will not alter the route order neither the real localisation of the points, they will only change the texts the deliveryman can see in is mobile application.

Finally, if you click on Load you will be able to make deeper changes in your plans.

If you load a plan, SimpliRoute will directly bring you to the Step 3 of Optimisation results. From here, you will be able to make all the changes you need in the same way you initially created your plan. You will be able to see that your are in the Edition mode because on the top-left hand corner you will see the Editing plan message and your plan's name.

Make the changes you need and assign the plan to finish. All the changes will be immediately effective and your conductors will have their routes actualised in their cellphone.

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