Dear customers​,
We are writing to inform you that the changes that were scheduled to happen on Tuesday, May 4th, in order to obtain performance improvements of the platform, could not be made due to a technical infeasibility that occurred at the time.

It is for this reason that we have decided to reschedule these changes, that will start on Saturday, May 8th at 02:00 AM (Santiago of Chile time, UTC -4), where the SimpliRoute platform will be inactive for 3 hours.

The different times zones in which these changes will begin to be made are as follows:

  • Australia: 4:00 PM

  • United Kingdom: 7:00 AM

*Important: Make sure to check what time it will be in your country.

As we mentioned earlier, during this process you will not be able to access any part of the web platform or the Mobile App, so we recommend that you plan your work well the days before so that your operation is not affected.

As always, we are here to support you in whatever you need. Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or there is something we can help you with.Best regards and hope you have a great day!

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