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Live Tracking (Communication Module)
Live Tracking (Communication Module)
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Our Communication module is an additional service linked to SimpliRoute that allows you to inform and notify your customers about the status of deliveries through email, SMS, Whatsapp and a search engine that you can integrate into your website.

Your customers and/or your sales team will be able to be informed of changes in the status of their orders. There are five different statuses:

  • Scheduled Order: This status occurs when you save your routes and assign them to drivers.

  • Order in route: when the driver activates the Start Route button in the mobile application.

  • On its way: when the drivers are on their way to the visit (they use the Notify button on their apps).

  • Successful order: when the driver marks the delivery as successful.

  • Failed order: when the driver marks the delivery as failed.

If you are interested in this module, contact us to activate it.

Once you have it activated, you will see the Communication tab in your Settings menu.

This section has two parts:

  • Notifications. The messages will be activated once they are created and saved. You will know they are active when the icon is green. They can be created and edited by clicking the pencil icon on the right.

Important: even if they are active, the messages will not be sent if you do not add a phone number or email addresses in the information of each visit before creating your routes.

  • Search engine integrated into your website. By clicking the Generate insertion code button you will find the HTML code to insert it wherever you want on your website. Thus your customers will be able to see the status of their delivery on your website.

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