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User Roles

What is the purpose of each role in the user configuration?

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There are 5 user categories:

  • Owner administrator: this is the owner user of your account. It is associated to the email that you entered when you created your account. They can access the entire interface, create routes, track routes, modify settings and download reports. In addition, this is the only user who can create other administrators and modify card payment information in the Profile section.

  • Administrator: They can access the entire interface, create routes, track routes, modify settings, and download reports.

  • Router: They can access the same options as an administrator, except for the account settings.

  • Driver: They can only use the mobile application. It is possible to assign routes to them from the interface.

  • Monitor: They can only track routes. They cannot create new routes or download reports.

Other users:

There are other special user roles that we can activate in your account if you need them.

Router Jr.

It has the same accesses as the normal router, except for a couple of differences regarding the editing of plans and routes:

  • It cannot access the menu "Load older plans" in Step 1:

Router Jr view

Admin or router view

  • In Step 3, the Junior Router doesn’t have the "Edit" button that gives access to make modifications to the routes.

Router Jr view

Admin or router view


It will be available if you have the Plans module active. Its only function is to assign driver users to vehicles.

Co-Pilot User:

This user that can be assigned to a vehicle, and can access the mobile app and check out the visits.

If your account has the co-pilot user active, you will be able to create them as another user.

For now, the co-pilot user can only be assigned in the saved plan menu. This means that you will have to create and save the plan to be able to assign them.

When accessing to the editing menu of saved plans and selecting a plan, the following icon will appear:

When you click on the icon, you will see a search engine that allows you to search by the co-driver's name.

When saving, the co-driver icon is updated with the total number of co-drivers assigned to the vehicle.

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