The mobile app

Track your drivers' activity and progress with our SimpliRoute mobile app. Your drivers can download the app from the Google Play Store or from this link.

For each driver, the app shows a list of their scheduled visits. To start the route, the driver should click on Begin route

The visit list will show the visit schedule information, including the order of visits and expected arrival times. Individual visits will change to green if successful and red if unsuccessful. Clicking on any visit will give you all the information about that particular visit.

Clicking on a visit tab will give you all the associated details. Here, you'll find the visit time slot, contact person information and a phone number. With the Blue button, the driver can get directions to the address using external navigation apps such as Waze or Google maps.

The driver can report successful/unsuccessful visits.

Drivers can report comments and upload pictures for each visit. The timestamp for any event will be registered for future reference, and upon clicking the Blue checkmark, you'll be able to see the driver's feedback on the web interface.

For more information regading the mobile app, please visit the Mobile App article.

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