The Route Creation module is the most important and extensive in the SimpliRoute suite, and you'll see find it on the left-hand bar when you log in. This is where the magic of SimpliRoute happens. Go to this module by clicking on Route.

The Route creation process consists of 3 steps: Vehicles, Visits and Routes. You can click on any of these 3 buttons if you need to go back or go to the next step.

To head on to the next step, you'll need to fill out a minimum amount of fields in each step. For ease of mind, filling out a large amount of route information shouldn't take over 15 minutes. Here's the minimum information you need to supply at each step: 

  • Step 1 - Vehicles - Date and time of the routes and the required vehicles. More information can be found in Configuring vehicles.

  • Step 2 - Visits - Visits are the programmed stops for vehicles. Here you can load a spreadsheet with information on stops or enter them manually. You may also load them via integration with your ERP. More information in Importing visits.

  • Step 3 - Routes - Route optimization results and the routes suggested by our optimization algorithm. You can further edit any necessary parameters. When you're done, you can dispatch the routes to your drivers, which will receive personalized instructions via the mobile app. Read this article for more information on the optimization results.

Make sure to create the necessary vehicles and drivers before creating routes. Check out this Quick guide for vehicle and user creation.

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