If you want to load a huge number of visits, the best way to do it is via an Excel file. SimpliRoute works with an Excel type template. If you load a file that does not correspond to the SimpliRoute template, the platform will not be able to read it. Most of the columns are not necessary and even if you may not need them, don't delete it. Let it empty. Equal than in the interface, Title and Address are the only obligatory fields.

ADVANCED: the Excel file also allows you to add visits with latitude and longitude in the case you know it. If you have the latitudes and longitudes, we recommend you to load it so that with it you will save posterior geolocation work.

You can download the standard template at the end of this article or directly in SimpliRoute in the Import visits Step 2 thanks to the button You may use this sample template.

The formats accepted by the template in each columna are:

  • Title: free text.

  • Full address: free text. The more you will respecte the "Number Street, City or District, Country" format (example: 535 Scott Street, San Francisco, CA, United States"), the more best results you have.

  • Load: numerical.

  • Hour start: hh:mm format.

  • Hour end: hh:mm format.

  • Service time: numerical. In minutes. Service times in hh:mm format are not accepted. If you don´t enter service time, the system will work with a 10 minutes service time by default for each visit.

  • Notes: free text.

  • Latitude: numerical format with commas. For example "-33,656543".

  • Longitude: numerical format with comas. For example "-75,35665".

  • Reference Id: free text.

  • Required skills: skills are free texts. Several skills have to be separated with coma. Skills have to exist in the account before being loaded in the interface. More information in Skill configuration.

  • Optional skills: same format than Required skills.

  • Contact name: free text.

  • Phone contact: free text. For better results, enter with the country code format + phone. Example:+56994457875.

  • Hour start 2: hh:mm format.

  • Hour end 2: hh:mm format.

  • Load 2: numerical.

  • Load 3: numerical.

  • Priority: any of the following texts are interprated as if this point is priority. "1", "true", "si", "sim", "yes". Letting this field blank or entering any other text will be interpretad as a non priority point.

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