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Route edition (part 1)
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You can modify the route results and do change whatever you need. Actually, the routes are yours :)

It exists several ways of editing routes. Let's divide the section in 2 so as to facilitate the way of working. The editing way:

  • Create new routes

  • Edit button - Move points between routes

  • Drag points - Change the point order in a route

  • Optimize specific routes (in Route edition (part 2) article)

  • Optimize a route group (in Route edition (part 2) article)

Take into account that even if SimpliRoute never breaks any restrictions you told him (of load, time windows or skills), you can through manual editions. We will teach you in this section how to detect these conditions and see how to solve it.

Create new routes

Click on the +New route so as to create a new route. Choose which vehicle will do this route. If this vehicle already has a route, you will create for him a second one for the day. If this vehicle still did not have assigned routes, it will be added to the available vehicle list for routing.

Edit routes

Click on the Edit button so as to enter the route edition mode. The interface will change to the edition mode and you will have some extra options available.

You can select the points you want into a route so then as to move it to another one. You can select points from the list or directly from the map. Furthermore, you can select entire routes if you need it.

Once you have selected the points you want to move, click on Move to so as to choose to which route you want to move the points.

You can do all the changes you want. Each time you change something, all the platform indicators update. When you will have finished editing, you have to go out of the edition mode.

In the lower part of the list you will see the Cancel and Save buttons. Click on Save so as to confirm all the changes you just finish to make. Click on Cancel so as to undo your changes.

Change a route order

If you want to change the point order into a route, you can hold click on an address and move it to the position you want. Each time you do this SimpliRoute will calculate the new arrival times.

Break product restrictions while editing

When you are creating routes, SimplirRoute takes into account all the restrictions you entered so as not to break load, time window or skill restrictions. But through manual edition you can break some of the previous restrictions. SimpliRoute shows you warnings so as to indicate you when you are breaking restrictions.

If a route exceeds the permitted load, you will see your load indicator coloured in red.

If a route breaks some time window restrictions, you will see a clock indicator next to the route. If your vehicle is working more than its assigned workday you will also see this indicator.

If a route breaks a skill restriction you will see a red skill indicator next to your route.

If you open any of the routes that have red indicators you will be able to see what are the restrictions specified addresses which are breaking load, time or skill restrictions.

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