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Route edition (part 2)
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It exists some route edition options more advanced so that you benefit at the maximum from SimpliRoute and its optimisation algorithms. If you are looking for the basic route edition options such as moving points from one route to another or changing the point order of a route, have a look at the Route edition (part 1) article.

Re-order a route

Into each route you will see the Re-order options. If after a lot of manual editions your routes are disorganised, you can re-order it. Re-order takes all the visits you let into a route and re-optimizes them, giving back to them an optimised order and does not break the other time restrictions. We recommend you that if you put a lot of points into a route, you click on Re-order so as to correctly re-establishe the point order.

Redo routes

You can modify a part of your routes without changing the others you consider to be definitive. To do this exists the Redo routes option.

In the Redo routes menu you can choose as well the vehicles which already had a route as other vehicles you had decided not to use. If you select several vehicles you are saying to the system "calculate new routes using these vehicles and all the visits that were into the routes of these vehicles". For example, if I select an empty vehicle and a vehicle with visits, Redo routes will propose me in return 2 routes, 1 for each vehicle.

Redo routes will not break your load, time window or skill restrictions. If it is not possible to find a route combination that match with what you asked for, it will let the unassigned addresses in the Unassigned visits section.

So that Redo routes functions, you have to select at least one vehicle and one visit. If you only choose empty vehicles you will not be able to go on and also if you only choose the Unassigned visits.

Create routes with other optimisation options

If you click on

Back in the Step 3 of Optimisation results you will go back to the Step 2 of Import visits. From here you can change the routing options next to the Create routes and create routes again. You can do it how many times you want and see the distinct routing results you receive with every option. Take into account that each time you create routes again this way, you will overwrite the routes you had created before, including any manual edition you had done.

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