Once you've created and edited your routes, you can assign routes to individual drivers and send them out.

Click on Export to download an Excel summary file with the result of your routes. Click on Finish to assign routes to your drivers.

In this window you'll see the summary of your routes before assignment. If undecided, you can close this window and make any necessary changes. Here you'll see, for each route, the assigned departure date, the vehicle capacity, number of deliveries, projected distance and total delivery times.

To finish, you can name your Plan. A Plan is a combination of routes you created in a previous session. It is recommended to use easy-to-remember names for quick last-minute editing. You can find more information in the Edit your plan article.

You can assign drivers to each vehicle. If a vehicle has a Default driver, the driver will be shortlisted. More information about how to assign default drivers can be found in Vehicle configuration.

Click on Confirm to assign your routes.

ADVANCED: you do not need to assign drivers to all your vehicles. You can leave some vehicles without a driver and assign one later, in the Edit your plan section. 

Excellent! Your routes have been assigned. Now that you've finished, you have 3 options:

  • You can go to the Tracking module to monitor your vehicles and drivers. Click on Tracking.

  • You can create a new plan. Take into account that you've already created routes for each vehicle, so you'll only be able to create new plans for other vehicles or for the same vehicles but for a different schedule. To create a new plan, click on Route design.

  • You can go back to the plan and edit it. After any changes you have to re-assign the routes so your drivers can see the changes. To edit the plan, click on Edit current plan.

Possible errors

If you try to create a plan with vehicles that have assigned routes, you will receive an error in the final step, indicating that the vehicle that is busy. To correct this, go back to the Step 1 and unselect the vehicle or change its schedule. You can also go to the Plan editing menu and delete or change this plan to avoid confusion.

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