For each visit, you can set two time windows. Time windows are time slots during which you can visit each cliente.

The rules to load a time window are:

  • The starting hour has to be inferior to the end hour.

  • The hours have to be included in an 24-hour interval. The minimum hour accepted by the system i 00:00 and the maximum one is 23:59.

  • The second time window cannot be superimposed with the first one.

Take into account that SimpliRoute tries to solve precisely your problem. If you abuse of time windows and have windows too much strict, you could end with a lot of unassigned visits because it is not possible to visit all of them during theses schedules. Generally, we recommend you to use large time windows and to not use them so as to force territorial behaviours or order into a route.

If you have a lot of visits AM and a very bit of points PM, it is possible that your vehicles have to wait. In this case, you will see on the interface several deliveries in the morning and a wait until the afternoon point.

SimpliRoute will also calculate the hour when your vehicles should go out of your warehouse. If you put that your vehicles can begin to deliver at 6 AM but all your clientes open their shop at 9 AM, your vehicles can wait in the warehouse and go out later. Depending on the distance from the warehouse to your first point, maybe you only need to go out 20 or 30 minutes before.

Try to create routes with distinct time window conditions and you can see the result!

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