Web monitoring

In the last section we created our first route. Now, head on to the Monitoring module to see how you can monitor your drivers' activity. For more information on what you can do in the Monitoring module, go to the Fleet Monitoring section. In the left, you'll find three tabs: Vehicles, Visits & Events.


On the left, you'll find a color-coded list of all available vehicles, with their assigned drivers and position markers on the right-hand map.

Click on any specific vehicle to see its assigned route.

Upon selecting a particular vehicle, you'll see its assigned visits, current GPS-based location and the state of each visit. As the vehicle follows its programmed visits, you'll see successful visits turn green and unsuccessful ones turn red. When, clicking on any visit, you'll be able to see any information/notes relating to that event.

In the visit details you'll find the visit time, pictures pertaining to the visit and the driver's notes. If needed, you can download the pictures for future reference.


In this tab, you'll find a list of all visits. Clicking on one will give you all the relevant details of that visit, including pictures.


Here, you can find a summary of events for the selected date, including successful and unsuccessful visits.

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