Mobile app

While you'll use the web interface to monitor activity, your drivers can use the SimpliRoute mobile app. They can download the app via the Google Play Store or by clicking on this link.

For each driver, the app will show a list of planned visits. To start, the driver should go to Start Route.

The app will show the driver a list of visits, including the order of visits and approximate arrival time. All registered visits will change to green if successful and red if unsuccessful. Clicking on any visit will show all relevant information.

Each visit  will include the details registered when it was created, including the possible visit window & contact person details. Clicking on the blue button will give the driver directions to the address, using available external navigation apps such as Waze or Google Maps.

The driver can report any information regarding the visit, including visit status and incidental information.

For each visit, the driver can take notes and attach pictures that supplement the visit successful/unsuccessful status. Events are registered with timestamps and when the driver clicks on the blue checkmark, the visit information will show on the web monitoring platform.

For further information regarding the mobile app and drivers, please see the Mobile App section.

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