You can use "skills" tags to ensure that certain stops will be assigned to certain drivers. Common use cases include:

  • You have customers who prefer to be served by a particular delivery driver.

  • You have drivers who have specific skills for certain jobs.

  • You have vehicles that can only be assigned certain stops because of height, weight, or equipment, for example.

How to Use Skills

In the Skills menu you can create all the skills you need. Then you'll have to add them:

  1. In vehicles profiles:

  2. In stops (columns K and L in the spreadsheet). Skills in column K follow an "AND" logics and skills in column L follow an "OR" logic.

This is how it works:

  • Stops with a skill will be assigned to drivers who also have that skill.

  • Stops with a skill will be unscheduled if there are no drivers available who also have that skill.

  • Stops with no skills will be assigned to any available driver, even if the driver has skills.

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