With this feature you will be able to create co-driver users who can be assigned to vehicles, log in to the Mobile App and checkout visits at the same time as the drivers.

To access this functionality, you must ask your SimpliRoute contact executive or the Support team to activate it in your account. For now, it is only available for Android phones.

Once activated, you will be able to create co-pilot users and assign routes to them. Click here to learn how to create users on the platform.

Once the co-driver logs into the Mobile App with their username and password, when the driver starts a route, the co-driver will receive a notification that the routes have been updated. The notification will be displayed at the top like this:

If the driver has not started the route, a message like the following will be displayed:

Let's suppose that the driver performs the successful checkout of the visit Prueba on his cell phone.

In the Mobile App of the co-driver user that visit will be displayed as successful, as shown below:

The driver and co-driver applications will synchronize with each other so that both users can visualize the visits that have been checked out or are pending.

In Tracking, in the detail of the visit, the information of the user who made the checkout will be displayed. In this example we will be able to see how Juan - El Copiloto1 , made the checkout of the visit 184559:

In the visit report, in the excel file, you will be able to visualize the columns "Codrivers", where the copilot user assigned to the visit will be indicated, and "Responsible person" where you will be able to visualize the user who made the checkout of the visit.

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