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Configuring Users and Drivers
Configuring Users and Drivers
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The first step in using SimpliRoute is to create new users on the platform. Users can be administrators, monitors and drivers.

To do this, click on your user name at the top right of the interface and click on Settings.

In the Settings menu, click Users > New User.

Each type of user has different access permissions and functionalities:

  • Administrators: They can access the entire interface, create routes, monitor routes, create drivers and download reports.

  • Drivers: They can only use the mobile application, but you must create new users and assign them routes from the web platform. Drivers are the ones who drive your vehicles and make the deliveries. In the mobile app they will receive the information of the visits and will mark everything that happens on the street.

  • Monitors: They can only track routes. they cannot create new routes or download reports.

Recommendations for user creation and administration

You can create as many users as you need without additional cost, since the value of your subscription is based on the number of vehicles used per month.

When creating a new user, you must type:

  • Name of the person. Keep in mind that this is the name you will see on the platform when assigning routes or tracking, so it must be a name with which you can easily identify the driver and not confuse it with another.

  • User: Username. It cannot be repeated in our database, so it is likely that if you enter a username like "jsmith", it will not be available and you will see a message like this.

This is the username you will use to log in to the web, in case of administrators or in the mobile application, in case of the driver. For administrators, routers and monitors we recommend that the username is your email address.

  • Password to log in. You must enter it twice to avoid errors.

  • Role: type of user

Optional information:

  • Phone: User's contact phone number. It only has an informative function, it is not used to associate the driver's phone to the user. To associate it, you must download the application and log in with username and password.

  • Email: the user's email address. This field is optional in the manual creation, but if you create users massively with Excel, it must be included as a mandatory requirement.

If you want you can delete users with the trash can icon. Bulk elimination of users is not yet available.

You can also do a massive creation and/or editing of users.

To create users massively, select "bulk user creation" and download the worksheet, then add the required fields and upload the file in the "Upload file" button.

The fields include the following conditions:

  • Username: all lowercase, no spaces.

  • Name: Free choice.

  • Phone: country code + number.

  • Email: enter a valid one.

  • Role: lowercase (English).

  • Password: minimum 8 digits.

To edit your users massively select "Bulk user edition", then "Download list" and in the file make the corresponding modifications. Note that if you have a user without email, you must add a valid email address or it will not allow you to upload the file.

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