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You can create delivery zones and assign them to vehicles. Your vehicles will only attend visits in their assigned zones.

Go to the Settings > Zones menu to create your zones.

Click on Create New Zone. A new window will pop up with a map and a list of your vehicles.

Use the hand icon to move the map. Use the zone icon to draw a zone.

Click on the map several times to create a zone. You can drag the polygon's sides to adjust the zone.

Choose the vehicles assigned to this zone. Choose a name for your zone and click on Save.

If you want our platform to assign vehicles randomly to your zones, you should enable Automatic Zone Assignation.

To apply the zones in your next optimization, click on Use Zones. Click on Hide to optimize without zones. Remember to save the changes!

Assigning zones with Excel

Once you've created your zones, you can download a spreadsheet to edit the assignation.

  1. Click on Download Zones to get the spreadsheet

  2. Column A is Vehicles, Column 2 is Zones' Names.

3. Click on Import Assignations to save the changes.

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